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Pre con and budgeting

Value Engineering

Summit has modernized traditional methods and bridged the gap between architects and builders. Builders have a deep understanding of materials and installation, coupled with the ability to transform concepts into reality. Our builders provide a design service, diminishing the need for an architect.

Design Build Capability

Having a steel partner with design-build capability can save up to 40% off costs, while introducing numerous other benefits by streamlining the process of raising a structure.

Preferred Steel Partner

Summit Steel has become one of Vance Brown's preferred miscellaneous steel partners by solving on-site design problems and getting the job done: "Nobody takes care of business on a job site like Summit," says Vance Brown's Senior Project Manager John Wong. When Vance brown needs a stair, they know they can provide info on layout, and Summit will drop in a stair with details that work.

Pre Con and Budgeting


In-House Detailing and BIM Coordination

Summit employs a team of Mechanical Engineers proficient in BIM coordination software, keeping project detailing in-house and sparing our customers the inefficiency related to out-sourcing. This is one of the many ways Summit is equipped to meet the most demanding project schedules.

Advanced Steel Modelling Software

Tekla Structures is a powerful modeling platform that allows us to significantly reduce the time needed to produce models and shop drawings. Highlights of the Tekla advantage include Multi-User Mode and Component Catalog.

Surveying in the Field

Using state-of-the-art surveying technology, Summit can accurately and efficiently create as-builts of existing conditions for use when modeling. Our advanced surveying capability also enables us to efficiently transfer layouts from the computer to the job-site.

Summit currently supports some of the most complex architectural projects in the Bay Area, the world's most exciting real-estate market.

Field Installation
Field Installation
Field Installation
Field Installation

Fabrication and Installation

Shop Fabrication

Summit uses a top of the line controlled automation high-definition plasma table. With trained and certified welders, we display exemplary welding capabilities. In addition, we use three saws as well as punching and drilling in our fabrication process. Our tailored deliver system is enabled by 2 stakebed trucks, 2 flatbeds, and 1 tractor trailer.

Field Installation

With an aptitude for architectural designs, non-standard metals, gravity-defying structures, 20-ton radiation shields and 10 story marquee signs, Summit transcends new heights in the industry. Summit’s field crews are highly qualified from Ironworkers Local 377 with years of experience and extensive training. Our field crews prioritize safety and quality craftsmanship.

Partner with Summit Steel Works

What can you expect from a partnership with Summit Steel Works? We assign each project a mechanical engineer to field-measure, detail, and supervise fabrication and installation. This means we get to work with great companies, and you get an unsurpassed level of care and precision. Choose Summit Steel Works as your partner, and we will make you look great.

Steel Detailing
Steel Detailing
Steel Detailing
Steel Detailing

Quality & sustainability

Summit Steel Works uses high-quality materials made to last. We don’t cut corners, and we take our work seriously. Throughout construction projects, Summit aims to minimize waste and energy consumption as much as possible. Summit avoids disturbing the natural environment surrounding construction sites.

Steel Quality & Sustainability