Summit Steel Works

Summit Steel Works

Steel fabrication at it's best

State-of-the-art BIM capabilities and 25,000 square feet of shop space. Summit Steel Works has ten talented mechanical engineers on staff. Craftsmen on the floor and professionals in the field. This combination gives Summit the unparalleled ability to deliver.

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Summit Steel Works

Building Information Modelling

Real-world insights

Our extensive construction experience complemented by new BIM model coordination software enables us to meet the complex needs of any construction site in a timely manner, while providing early intelligence to address problems before they can impact on-the-ground progress.

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Summit Steel Works

Shop Fabrication

25,000 square feet of possibility

From the smallest detail to the largest project, Summit Steel Works has the space for the largest steel fabrication requirement. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

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Fabricating the future

Summit Steel Works serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and all of Northern California, Summit Steel Works is your premier design-build, miscellaneous metals, and structural steel partner.

Why we are different

What we do

Summit Steel Works cares about your target, including schedule, budget, and market impact. Summit is your heavy-lift partner, skilled in solving problems with accuracy, speed, and efficiency unmatched by any other steel company.

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Our clientele

We thrive on Impossible

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Summit has worked with Stanford University in California on a multitude of projects. These projects include structural steel, complicated hip and valley roof structure, and Christmas treeing for Crothers Dining Hall. Seismic upgrades were made in the Peterson Building as well as Structural Steel infill in a concrete tilt up building for the Aquatics Center. Additional services include stairs and railings, ornamental ironwork, and more.

Google Campus, Mountain View, CA

Summit Steel works provided Google Campus with stairs and railings. We partnered with XL Construction to provide a high-quality build. You can see our work for Google Campus in Mountain View, California by clicking “view project” below.

Planet Granite, San Fransisco, CA

Working with a California rock climbing company, we provided Planet Granite with seismic upgrades along with stairs and railings. The seismic upgrades strengthened the structure for better resistance against seismic activity. This work took place in San Francisco, CA.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Bay Area, CA

Summit Steel Works completed a project for Palo Alto Medical Foundation. This project consisted of trellises for their building. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit health care organization with office buildings throughout the Bay Area. Summit is a trusted steel partner of Vance Brown.


Our Process

Steel Works Designing

Summit is a steel partner with design-build capability, solving on-site design problems in a streamlined manner to save on costs. Knowledgeable builders provide the translation of ideas into real-world structures through a design service, taking a load off the architect.


The building process involves in-house detailing, BIM coordination, and shop fabrication. Summit Steel Works successfully deploys BIM coordination and holds these assets and experience at the ready to support your next project.

Steel Building
Steel Field Installation

There are no limits to what we can do in the field, and we love to take on the impossible. Summit's field crews hail from Ironworkers local 377. With years of experience and intensive training, our field crews take pride in safety and the quality of their craft.

Our Achievements

We assign each project a mechanical engineer to field-measure, detail, and supervise fabrication and installation. We provide an unsurpassed level of care and precision. Choose Summit Steel Works as your partner, and we will make you look great. As evidence, we present the following achievements.

Clients Served

Summit Steel Works is one of the top design/build miscellaneous metals companies in Northern California, pre-qualified with 90% of the largest commercial contractors in Silicon Valley (a growing list).

Staircases Designed

We are experts in designing staircases that seamlessly connect levels and meet industry guidelines. Summit has worked with a variety of businesses, universities, and residences to make buildings accessible.

Structures Designed

Summit Steel takes on complex design projects, demonstrating professionalism and a skillfulness unmatched in the industry. Summit provides value engineering to efficiently deliver on design.

Portfolio Valuation

Summit Steel Works successfully deployed BIM coordination on a recent landmark project (over $40M contract on a $6+B project, coordinating 900+ tons of steel), and holds these assets and experience at the ready to support your next project.

Summit Steel Works Mission & Vision

Our Mission
& Vision

Summit Steel Works thrives on jobs that other metal contractors avoid. From simple embeds to the most complex curved stair assemblies and challenging structural steel, we have what it takes to get the job done. In its first 15 years of operation, Summit Steel Works has grown to include a total of 100 dedicated employees, including ten mechanical engineers. Combining our commitment to service with state-of-the-art tools, including Tekla's BIM software suite, Summit Steel Works has established itself as the go-to steel design/build shop in the Bay Area and Northern California.

Quality & Sustainability

Summit Steel Works uses high-quality materials made to last. We don’t cut corners, and we take our work seriously. Throughout construction projects, Summit aims to minimize waste and energy consumption as much as possible. Summit avoids disturbing the natural environment surrounding construction sites.

Summit Steel Works Quality & Sustainability

Clients & Testimonials

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Bob Smith
Operations manager
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Various structural projects for Stanford University.
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Jim Smith
Project Manager
Hallway Staircase
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Amy Smith
Head of Design
Hallway Staircase
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Over 50 projects completed with XL as a trusted partner.
Jess Smith
Operations Director
Hallway Staircase
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