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25,000 square feet of possibility

For the largest steel fabrication projects

At Summit Steel works, we utilize the following tools to achieve high-quality outcomes:

  • Plasma Table: Top of the line Controlled Automation high definition plasma table for precision cutting of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum at up to 3” thick in plates as large as 8'x20'. Our PlasMax is capable of both manual or CAD cuts to precise requirements. Our table is available for all your plate processing needs. Email us for a quote today.
  • PythonX Beam Line: 7-Axes of robotic plasma cutting for quickly processing holes and cuts on wide flanges, HSS, and angles. Our conveyors handle material up to 65 feet in length. Just looking for a fabricator to process your structural members? We do it all the time. We can process your material and deliver it FOB to your jobsite. Email us today.
  • Welding Capabilities: Mig/Tig welding of aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. Our welders are trained and certified.
  • Two Saws capable of cutting pipes and beams of any shape or thickness from stock up to 65' in length.
  • Punching/Drilling.
  • Delivery: 2 stakebed trucks, 2 flatbeds, and 1 tractor trailer allow us to tailor our delivery platform to your job site.

Quality & sustainability

Summit Steel Works uses high-quality materials made to last. We don’t cut corners, and we take our work seriously. Throughout construction projects, Summit aims to minimize waste and energy consumption as much as possible. Summit avoids disturbing the natural environment surrounding construction sites.

Steel Quality & Sustainability