Pre-Con & Budgeting

Pre-Con & Budgeting

A steel partner with design-build capability

Summit Steel Works is a leading company in the world of steel construction. With a substantial portfolio of projects under our belt, we're proud to offer both our exceptional expertise in steel fabrication as well as our unique design-build capabilities.

This fusion of design and construction under one roof sets Summit Steel Works apart, providing clients with a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution for their structural needs. Whether it's crafting intricate stairs and railings or sturdy industrial steel framework, Summit Steel Works excels in conceptualizing, designing, and executing projects with unparalleled precision and innovation. We're committed to quality, innovation, and an innovative approach to steel construction, making Summit the go-to choice for clients seeking the perfect blend of creativity and engineering excellence.

Pre-Con and Budgeting with Summit Steel Works
Pre-Con and Budgeting with Summit Steel Works

Having a steel partner with design-build capability can save up to 40% off costs, while introducing numerous other benefits by streamlining the process of raising a structure.

Summit steel has become one of Vance Brown's preferred miscellaneous steel partners by solving on-site design problems and getting the job done: "Nobody takes care of business on a job site like Summit," says Vance Brown's Senior Project Manager John Wong. When Vance brown needs a stair, they know they can provide info on layout, and Summit will drop in a stair with details that work.

We call this Value Engineering. We help you deliver on design for your customer.

Quality & sustainability

Summit Steel Works uses high-quality materials made to last. We don’t cut corners, and we take our work seriously. Throughout construction projects, Summit aims to minimize waste and energy consumption as much as possible. Summit avoids disturbing the natural environment surrounding construction sites.

Steel Quality & Sustainability