In-house Detailing and BIM Coordination

Summit employs a team of Mechanical Engineers proficient in BIM coordination software, keeping project detailing in-house and sparing our customers the inefficiency related to out-sourcing. This is one of the many ways Summit is equipped to meet the most demanding project schedules.

Advanced Steel Modeling Software

Tekla Structures is a powerful modeling platform that allows us to significantly reduce the time needed to produce models and shop drawings. Highlights of the Tekla advantage include

  • Multi-User Mode–allows for two people to work on the same model at the same time.
  • Component Catalog–hundreds of custom and pre-loaded steel connections that can be inserted into a model with a few clicks.

Surveying in the Field

Using state of the art surveying technology, Summit can accurately and efficiently create as-builts of existing conditions for use when modeling. Our advanced surveying capability also enables us to efficiently transfer layouts from the computer to the jobsite.

Summit currently supports some of the most complex architectural projects in the Bay Area, the world's most exciting real-estate market.