Nine mechanical engineers on staff. State-of-the-art BIM capabilities. 25,000 square feet of shop space. Craftsmen on the floor and professionals in the field .... These are the raw materials that give Summit Steel Works the unique capability to deliver.

Schedule, budget, market impact ... what's your pain? Summit is your heavy-lift partner, solving problems with an accuracy, speed, and efficiency unmatched by any other steel company. 

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and all of Northern California, Summit Steel Works is your premier design/build miscellaneous metals partner. 





From Pre-con to precision field installation, Summit Steel Works is your beginning-to-end, give-us-the-hard-job worksite partner. 

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A history you might not expect (unless you were also jumping off of bridges before you got around to building them).

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A growing crew of engineers and field-forged steelmen, a management team with decades of experience in heavy metal (go ahead, ask), and a shop program to develop the next generation and to strengthen the community we love. 

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