Summit Steel Works Leadership

Peter Kockelman

President and Co-Owner

Peter Kockelman has been building things ever since his father first put tools in his hands. His immigrant ancestors were wagon builders in Kilkenny, Minnesota, and the same blood flows in him. As a lad, Peter built tree houses above-ground, and subterranean hide-outs below. He discovered a love for making his dreams into reality with simple hand tools and a knack for bending materials to his will.

After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a short stint at an aerospace contractor (really just an excuse to find and marry his wife Nikki), Peter discovered he had an entrepreneurial spark: he wanted to make businesses that build things--from amusement rides to steel buildings.

Today, at Summit, you can find him implementing new technologies, like computer controlled fabrication equipment in the shop, BIM design software in the engineering department, and a LEAN way of thinking throughout the company. If you can't find him at the office, look for him racing on his KTM dirtbike in sanctioned Enduro races throughout Northern California.

Tom Grady

Vice President of Engineering

Tom began his career at Summit in 2005 after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Tom oversees Summit's Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Detailers ensuring that projects flow smoothly from the design phase all the way through installation.

When Tom isn't spending time with his wife and two kids, you will usually find him remodeling his house and wrenching on his 1971 Chevy pickup.

Dan Oakley

Senior Field Superintendent

Dan oversees all of Summit's field workers and everything related to job-site operations. He works closely with project managers, engineers, and Summit's estimating department to ensure the safest, most cost-effective ways to design and install our work. Dan's been an ironworker for 19 years, a foreman for most of his career, and began at Summit in 2012. He loves dirt biking, camping, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

Ian Gravina

Vice President and Co-Owner

Ian Gravina has been with Summit for 20 years. He was a part of the original team that came from Bungee Adventures and Gravity Works, where he designed, built, and installed amusement rides (and where he occasionally engineered stunts for MTV, or for any number of other extreme and record-breaking events around the world).

In earlier days, Ian worked on all aspects of each project, from design to installation. "Pete and I joined the Ironworkers union so that we could actually work in the field: I gained a lot of knowledge from these early experiences, which continue to influence my design work to this day."  

Ian spends lots of his free time playing guitar, with a few live shows on his resume. He can also be found mountain biking, rock climbing, and occasionally bungee jumping from a bridge.

Nicola Kockelman

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Owner

From the beginning of Summit Steel Works, CFO Kockelman has been a catalyzing and unifying force; managing critical aspects of the early formation of the corporation, spearheading internal projects, and ensuring the strength and functionality of the leadership team. She keeps the company on firm footing: when the job requires reaching into new territory, going the extra mile, she makes sure there's a solid financial foundation to support Summit's mission to take on the big problems.



Logan Jamieson

Chief Estimator

Logan has been with Summit Steel Works for 10 years. He brings in all of Summit's work, negotiates new contracts, and provides quick budgeting support for our key clients. He supports project managers for the duration of each project with logistics and pricing changes.

For Summit's long-term relationships, Logan provides on-call quick budgeting to support key clients in the winning of new projects and ensure that our clients receive competitive and accurate bids. Logan anchors the company with service that generates repeat business and great relationships.

Logan spends his free time playing hockey and golf.

Henry Hina

Shop Manager

Henry runs our shop--all 25,000 square feet of it. He came from Chicago in 1977 with his wife and two kids, and has been a welder for 38 years. He's worked at Summit for 16 years and says he will continue to do so "until I die".